Friday, February 16, 2007

Shut The War Down!

Did you hear anything on the news about this protest? Probably not, because the Troops Out Now Coalition went out of their way to make sure that most Americans would skip it.

The Iraq War is unpopular enough that a large number of people could show up to protest it, if that were the sole issue of the march.

But no, the organizers have to throw in "End the Occupations of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan", "Stop Threats Against Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Africa", "Stop the war on women & lesbian, gay, bi and trans people", "Stop the War Against the Black, Latin@, Arab & Muslim Communities", "Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools", "U.S. OUT of the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Haiti" along with other vague demands of how to spend our tax dollars.

See, you might get me to protest the continuation of the Iraq War, but I'm a strong believer in the occupation of Hawaii and Alaska so you won't catch me at any Troops Out Now Coalition events.

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