Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Peace Be With You

I noticed this, thinking that it was going to be some sort of religious curiosity. It is, but not the kind I imagined. "Peace Be With You" is the title of a novel that the flyer promises is "so controversial and provocative that many bookstores are afraid to carry it!!" I followed the flyer's directions to and read the synopsis. The only thing that makes it "controversial and provocative" is that one of the characters in the sordid tale is a priest. Really I think that the reason that "many bookstores are afraid to carry it" is that they don't think that they can move many copies of a novel by an unknow author.

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Raimondo Salomone said...

I am Raimondo Salomone, the author of PEACE BE WITH YOU and I'd like to respond the the above post. While I love almost any type of publicity, I wish to address the poster's claim that the only thing controversial is the fact that I have a priest in my novel. The controversy stems from the actions of the priest and his attempt to justify them with relation to the decisions he's made on earth and the vows he took to God. Many bookstores are indeed afraid to carry it, not becuase of my first-time author status, but becuase of the nature of the storyline. I believe a quote from a upstate New York boostore owner was, "My customers aren't comfortable with that subject matter." My book has sold over 2,100 copies in North America and over 500 in Europe, where it is on the shelves of many independent bookstores