Monday, June 04, 2007

A 40 Point Guide To Peeing In New York

I found this was stuck to a scaffolding pole

Stickers on the street is the perfect way to promote a book about peeing in New York. Every square in of this city has probably been urinated on at one time or another.


Dpower said...

Dear Fred Stesney: My name is Doug Ward and I am the Publisher of A 40 Point Guide To peeing In new York By Ray Tempus. I was surfing for things on the net about the book and found your blog post. Thanks for giving the book some light, I appreciate it very much. In the last two years this little humor book has become a cult classic and it was even selected as recommended reading at the largest Barnes & Noble store at Union Square. I would be interested to talk with you about some novel ways to create a big media buzz about this book. I read that you work in advertising so I'm sure you might have some great ideas. My e-mail is and Ph-1-646 210-6306 hope to hear from you soon Best Regards
Doug Ward 1TPress
P.s. The latest book from Ray Tempus is going to hit the market in July entitled Last One Gone Turn The Lights Out.

Dpower said...
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