Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nice, right?

Posted in the Bleecker Street area by If You Don't Know, a website whose stated purpose is " to take control of our public space by promoting racial, social and economic consciousness; to take back our public space and combat the infiltration of commercial propaganda with messages that will liberate the minds of the members of our communities and reshape the value system distorted by commercialization and materialism, helping to redirect our priorities toward things which will promote a more prosperous and long lasting form of economic development of our community, such as education and self empowerment."

It's time for Advertising 101. This flyer uses what is called borrowed interest - that is putting something sensational and irrelevant in an ad to rope in a reader. This example uses sex. You can tell that a woman's bust has nothing to do with at-risk young men by putting any other message after the lead in:

Nice, right? You know what else would be nice?

$99 round trip fares to Rome.
The New York Times delivered free for one week.
Anal Holocaust live in Stockton.

The worst part is that this is a PSA, a category which ad creatives love because it gives them a good chance to scoop up awards. If You Don't Know wants to combat ad industry messages with their own but first they have to learn how to create print that is just as compelling.

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