Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Missing In Your Life That Her Life Is So Important In Yours?

I think I can answer that question. What scares us is the nagging feeling that our lives don't matter and that we will die without having made any mark on the world. Celebrities hold out the possibility that we can make a lasting impression and possibly live on after death. that's why we build them up and, because the goal is merely fame, we are willing to elevate someone like Paris Hilton who has no real accomplishments.

Eventually we realize that we won't become famous - not even for 15 minutes - and we become resentful of those in the limelight. We tear them down, getting pleasure every time we see a famous face getting arrested, divorced, caught on tape having sex or making a poor fashion choice.

But that doesn't solve our original problem - the pointlessness of our lives - so we hunger for more celebrities and the cycle continues.

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