Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton

Rob, our west coast correspondent, took these photos on Super Tuesday in California.

This image sums up the contest: Hillary Clinton, the slick product of the well-oiled Democratic machine, is being challenged by the grass roots efforts of Barack Obama and his supporters. And then there's Ron Paul on the fringes. Now that he's dropped out of the race, he's on the sidelines.

These two posters make a good point. Obama was willing to take an unpopular stand for what he thought was right while Hillary made a safe political bet, figuring that it would be easier to talk her way out her support for the war should it fail than hava to explain why she didn't support it if it was successful.

Samantha Power, the former foreign policy advisor to Obama was right. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a monster who is stooping to anything to win the Democratic nomination.

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