Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman, an enterprising rapper, took over the advertising space of a subway car, slipping his own series of flyers under the plastic that holds paid ads.

All of the ads speculate that famous rappers like Jay-Z and 50 Cent would be fans if they had heard his music and, in the case of Big Pun, were still alive.


Angel Del said...

jay-z is nice, but i didn't do a sign for him since it would be too obvious. people that love hip hop love jay-z, but even people that don't love hip hop love him. the people i chose for signs are people that hip hop purists are able to appreciate first and foremost. jay-z is amazing, one of my favorite emcees, but i wanted to attract the eye of only purists, so i didn't do a jay-z sign that would attract everyone, or a kanye one. kanye is also the man. i only write all this out because i take exception with the fact that you suggested that i suggested 50 cent would be a fan of mine. i wasn't trying to name popular rappers. i wasn't naming popular. i was naming dope ones.

Angel Del said...

peace peace. thanks for the pub.

Fred Stesney said...

I was going from memory so I'm sorry for including Jay-Z. Tell me one of the other rappers you included and I'll make the correction.

As for their popularity, if a middle-aged, white, dad such as myself recognizes all of the emcees you reference, they're popular.

Homeboy Sandman said...

na na, don't apologize. i love jay-z. it's the 50 cent thing that i wanted to clear up. as far as naming popular rappers, yeah i was naming some popular dudes, but what they all had in common was that they were nice. i wish that everybody recognized black thought and camp lo like they do mos def and big pun. i've got signs for all those guys. it's like, if you've got a venn diagram, there's gonna be some overlap between nice dudes and popular dudes. the sad thing is that they don't always overlap, and that they in face overlap very little.

thanks for commenting back fred. it's a good blog you've got going here.