Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kalindi's World Message

This is the cover of a CD I found on Avenue A. Copies had been left on random horizontal surfaces to be picked up.

According to the Gourasana website, "Kalindi was given the destiny by Gourasana to be a spiritual Master for the world and the Voice of God, to speak for Him, to bring His teachings, His guidance, His love, His energy, and the exquisite truth that the world has been crying for."

This is Gourasana, The Golden One. Gourasana is an incarnation of God in the body of a guy named David Swanson. He looks like some dude who thinks he's found a way to make a lot money and bang a lot of chicks with something called Miracle of Love®, a vaguely Eastern religion.

Sounds like complete horse shit®

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