Friday, December 21, 2007

Leviticus - Part 14: The Artist At Work

Last Friday evening, the family and I needed to get out of the apartment so we went to the Starbucks at 2nd Avenue and 9th Street, not our usual location. While I was snagging a table, I noticed that, on the table next to us, there were what looked like Leviticus postings, mid-creation. A minute later, the face that I had seen on a few postings returned to the table. He had a large stack of typing paper, the words already written on them in Sharpie, and was going through a fashion magazine, cutting out pictures and taping them below the text.

I went out the next day, looking for one of his creations but couldn't find any. From what I saw, I think they were going to look like this:

Artist's interpretation.

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how to fly home said...

I just watched I am Legend and one of the first scenes shows a Leviticus piece outside a train station. I thought of your blog immediately.