Monday, July 14, 2008

The Summer Camper Manifesto

The text, preserving that misspellings and grammatical errors:

"The Summer Camper Manifesto: 1. Do not pass 14th St. 2. Stay in Thompkins. 3. Do not ever pass 14th St. Us who stay here all winter because we don't have a trust fund or families should get to enjoy the summer w/out you taking our $ by cutting us off or have to deal w/ you & making it hot w/ the cops!! Plus you suck!!"

Every group has its politics, from the Cleveland East Rotary Club to crusties. With groups that see themselves as outside the mainstream, the divide is usually over who is keeping it real and who is a poseur. When I was a punk rocker that was always one of the issues.

Found near Union Square.

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