Wednesday, July 30, 2008

King George

Rob, our west coast correspondent, found this at Cahuenga, near Franklin, in
Hollywood. An internet search found this entry on eHow written by King George himself.

I King George William Frederick Charles 7th AKA Charles John England have been victimized by the CIA long enough. I bought Benjamin Haskell Novick's family property on Hyperion where Hughes Supermarket now stands. His family had a small store there in the 70's I paid 1 million for it, which was the best deal ever and decided to put a big supermarket there. I named it Hughes Supermarket after someone I knew. I have owned this food chain for years and now the CIA is trying to say I gave it away to General Henry Sheldon AKA Heritage. I did not under no circumstance give this supermarket chain away. I own it, I created it and I am keeping it. They will try to steal it like they have stolen other houses, businesses of mine, my family jewelry and furniture. The following people have stole my properties. Benjamin Haskell Novick (FARAH FAUCETS SON) Cheryl Jackson, Jackie Glenn,Stephanie Shelly Marshall, Frank Thomas aka Mark Fustine. They have stole my fathers gold watches and diamond rings, Cheryl Jackson has stolen my mothers 5 diamond rings including her wedding ring to King George. Benjamin Haskell Novick has stolen 9 house of mine in Kona Hawaii where he now owns them. They will say I gave these houses to them. As we all know it requires a lawyer and to sign things to give away things. I have never signed anything to these people. I was forced at gun point one time to sign something to Frank Thomas or Jack with Marshall Gumbiner which gave him control of some of my family business. He assigned himself as executor of my Uncle King John Englands trust when he died in 1969. I did not want him to do this. Frank used hypnosis, mind control and drugs like sodium Penathaol to take advantage of me and cheat me. He says I gave him 300 houses that were precious and in my family for years. What he did was demolish them and redevelop on top and under them. As in Maui they made secret bases there in the mountain. I never received a dime from my family trust. These people including Bob Ferguson stepped in and took over my family trust and bank accounts. The relocated me after I was hypnotized. I have 26 invirtro children that know the story. Christina Aguilera who I have a civil and small claims law suit against. Set for 7/7 2008 SC 097500 at Santa Monica Superior Court and 4/25/2008 at Beverly Hills Small Claims. Corey Feldman, Matthew Broderick, Vanessa Williams, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Austin Matthew England, Tracy, Crystal, Savannah, Samantha Hayworth, are my invirtro Children. They asked me for my sperm during the same period of time. In 1977 after my memory was erased and they took over my family trust, They got Syndi Martin to kidnap me and remove me from the state and enroll me in the first grade. I could not read or write or know what sperm or trust meant. Not one Deed was put in my name. The took the houses and easily put them in their own names. 60 agents I wont say which kind of agents, because I am sure you already know. 60 or more agen

It ends just like that. King George's
porphyria must be relapsing.

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