Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Do You Love The L Train?

When I was reading the story behind Love Bound Train, it reminded me of a flyer from deep in my archives, one that I had collected but not posted. This is the flyer that launched the project. From the "hello" page on the site:

We put up 1,000 flyers along the L train line in NYC with the direct phone number to the love train suggestion hotline. We recieved over 700 calls ranging from love poems to death threats directed towards the train.

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raindog said...

This is the essence of ephemera, and I always thought these items would make a great coffee table book. I started collecting items like this from the bulletin board of a funky Indy book store in Asheville, which I feature from time to time on my blog at Thanks for feature some of the best you've found from your area.