Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Are We?

While in Williamsburg this weekend, I found this pr display put on by a real estate development company on Bedford Avenue. Developers aren't looked on favorably anywhere in NYC but they are especially scorned in Williamburg, an area poised to go from hipster central to condoburg if the developers have their way. The purpose of this display is to build neighborly good feelings, starting with the question, "Who are we?"

The adjacent window responds with answers that try too hard:

We are your neighbor
We bring our kids to play at the playground
We wait an hour for really good mac n cheese
We know all the drink specials in town
We stroll around Bedford on a Sunday afternoon
We are standing next to you on the L-train

Really, who waits an hour for mac 'n' cheese, except for a yuppy ready to spend $12 on a plate of food that costs pennies to make? Those little white rectangles are stickers that a local added to answer the question:

We pretend to be like you
We are a nightmare
We are rapacious developers
We are boutique shoppers
We don't have day jobs
We own designer dogs
We trade hedge funds
We are Eurotrash
We care about fancy bathrooms
We care about doormen

Not that any of this will prevent the spread of fancy bathrooms and doormen through Williamsburg. Like I wrote in the Defend Brooklyn post, real estate development is part of NYC. So is moving.

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Two Dishes said...

I work at the high school on Leonard. I was laughing my face off this morning at about 6:30 am in the freezing cold when I saw these stickers.